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Week 4 NFL Breakdown

The 2017 NFL season just wrapped up its first quarter of the year, and the first four weeks have been host to many surprises and incredible performances. Let’s break down Week four of NFL action:

Chicago Bears 14 - Green Bay Packers 35

The bears were helpless in a losing effort against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers threw for only 179 yards but that included four touchdowns. The Mike Glennon era in Chicago appears to have ended after he committed four turnovers, as the Bears have told the media that Mitch Trubisky will make his debut next week. I would still like to know the thought process behind giving Glennon a massive contract when they planned on selecting Trubisky in the first round, like how much is Trubisky going to learn from a below average quarterback? That does not seem like a recipe for greatness. Davante Adams got hurt on a controversial hit by the Bears’ Danny Trevathan,  which adds more bruises to an already banged up Packers roster. It will be interesting to see how Trubisky is able to work with the weapons he has at his disposal, and if he will be able to win any games.

San Francisco 49ers 15 - Arizona Cardinals 18

I hate watching my 49ers play the game of football. Outside of their matchup with the Rams, they have not scored a touchdown, this season has been, and will to be, abysmal. Brian Hoyer was thought of as a reliable guy who wouldn’t throw many interceptions, and he has already thrown four of them, to go along with only two touchdowns. I am sick of the 49ers at this point, they only score off of field goals and it makes me so uncharacteristically upset that I need to find a new team to root for, at least for this season. The Cardinals played a little better than the 49ers on Sunday, as they scored a whopping ONE touchdown, in overtime to beat the San Francisco Robbie Goulds.

New Orleans Saints 20 - Miami Dolphins 0

The Jay Cutler experiment sucks. They have scored one touchdown in the last two weeks, and with the weapons they have on offense, it is embarrassing. THEY LOST TO THE NEW YORK JETS, who were supposed to be tanking, but now have a better record than Miami. I think they should sign Colin Kaepernick just to get Jay Cutler off the field because he is old and not taking advantages of the weapons he has, and Kap’s duel threat potential would open up the run game and pass game more than it is with an immobile Jay Cutler. Drew Brees looked good, and tossed two touchdowns and 268 yards. Adrian Peterson had four carries this week for four yards, and I AM SICK OF SEEING HIM ON THE SIDELINES. Why sign him if you have no intention of using him? Just trade him to the Giants and get a nice package in return, they need it. Just get him out of New Orleans, he doesn’t deserve this, #freeAP.

Buffalo Bills 23 - Atlanta Falcons 17

The Falcons could easily be 1-3 right now instead of being 3-1. Matt Ryan has been pretty disappointing after winning the MVP last year, and I can say this because I drafted him in fantasy football, and he has been absolutely mediocre, and the only reason I have him is because my backup is Eli Manning and he is 0-4. Matt Ryan has already thrown five interceptions to cancel out his five touchdowns. He also appears to be allergic to throwing the ball to Julio Jones in the end zone, because he has no touchdowns so far this season. Matt Ryan threw two interceptions on Sunday against the Bills, and they took advantage. Tyrod Taylor had a decent game, throwing for 182 yards and a touchdown. The only other touchdown the Bills scored was on a fumble recovery, but that was all they needed, as the Falcons could only muster 17 points.

Cincinnati Bengals 31 - Cleveland Browns 7

THE BENGALS ARE BACK BABY! Yeah, I’m kidding, they’re still terrible, they just played against the feeble Browns. Andy Dalton threw for 286 yards and four touchdowns, and most importantly, no interceptions, though he did lose a fumble. Tyler Kroft caught two touchdowns, while Giovani Bernard and AJ Green each caught one each. The Browns were bad, Deshone Kizer had  QBR of 5.8, so I don’t need to go into much more detail about why the Browns were bad on Sunday. The Bengals are not going to keep winning, they will continue to bottom-feed for the rest of the year.

Los Angeles Rams 35 - Dallas Cowboys 30

The Rams are FOR REAL. They have one of the most potent offenses in all of football this year, and it looks like they are here to stay. Jared Goff has turned his status from bust to franchise quarterback. It is truly outstanding how a coaching change can turn a team that was running a prehistoric offense into the most potent offensive force in the league. Sean McVay has done a great job, and I think the best evidence for this lies in the production of Todd Gurley, who is actually scoring touchdowns and running for a lot of yards. This sunday he ran for 121 yards AND had 94 receiving yards. They beat a legit team this week too, Dallas is a good team, and that is why I am buying the Rams this year. The Cowboys had a decent game but ultimately a botched punt return by Ryan Switzer changed the momentum and allowed the Rams to take over. Dak Prescott had a good game, throwing for 252 yards and three touchdowns, and Ezekiel Elliott ran for 85 yards and a touchdown.

Detroit Lions 14 - Minnesota Vikings 7

The Vikings are in trouble. Their stud rookie running back, Dalvin Cook, tore his ACL and is now out for the year. Sam Bradford is not playing, and Case Keenum is starting, which means that their receivers can’t be as productive as they can be. They just got beat by the Lions, primarily because they fumbled and turned the ball over three times, and the Lions have a good enough defense where they will make you pay if you cannot take advantage of your opportunities on offense. The Lions moved to 3-1, they very well could be 4-0 if their game against the Falcons didn’t end the way it did. I think the Lions are legit and will be a playoff team at the end up the year, but if Sam Bradford doesn’t come back soon and play like he did in week one, then the Vikings are going to lost a lot more games and miss the playoffs.

Carolina Panthers 33 - New England Patriots 30

The Patriots defense is bad, they are on pace to allow the most points in a single season. The defense is so bad that the greatness of Tom Brady is being overpowered. Brady threw for 307 yards and two TDs on sunday, but Cam Newton was just as good, throwing for 316 yards and three TDs. Brady has had a great season this year, completing 66% of his passes for 1,399 with 10 TDs to go along with zero interceptions. He has been so good that he was able to mask the Patriots bad defense, especially when he led the last minute drive against the Texans. I honestly did not go into this week thinking that the Panthers would be able to hang with the Patriots, because I figured that their offense was going to be way worse without Greg Olsen, and it is not the same beast, but Cam Newton picked up the slack and showed his MVP form from two years ago.

Jacksonville Jaguars 20 - New York Jets 23

It has become abundantly clear that the Jets have forgotten how to tank. They have now won two games in a row, and are likely out of the sweepstakes for the top two picks in the draft. The Jaguars are also very bad at football, so this game is not very noteworthy outside of the Jets being so bad that they can’t even tank right. Both the quarterbacks weren't great, both threw an interception, and Josh McCown fumbled the ball three times and lost it once. Bilal Powell had a great game, rushing for 163 yards and a touchdown.

Pittsburgh Steelers 26 - Baltimore Ravens 9

I WAS RIGHT! It was week four last week, and I predicted that this week would be Le’Veon Bell’s breakout performance during 2017 that jumpstarts his season, and he proved me right, rushing for 144 yards and two touchdowns, and also caught four balls for 42 yards. Big Ben didn’t have a great game, passing for 216 yards and a touchdown, and a part of that was due to a bad game from Antonio Brown, as he only had 34 yards. The defense shined for the steelers this week as well, forcing Joe Flacco to throw two interceptions, and they also recovered a fumble. I think that the Steelers will take off from here, as they have their whole offense healthy, and I expect Antonio Brown to recover from his poor performance this week and have a monstrous week five.

Tennessee Titans 14 - Houston Texans 57

I would like to know why so many NFL GM’s passed on Deshaun Watson. He is the real deal, and showed in college that he was a playmaker, and this week solidified the fact that he should have been the first quarterback taken last year. He threw for 283 yards and four touchdowns, while also rushing for 24 yards and another touchdown. He has been one of the best quarterbacks in the league this year, and has people questioning whether or not Dak Prescott is the best quarterback in Texas. Deandre Hopkins had a big game this week, catching 10 balls for 107 yards and a touchdown, and Will Fuller V. added two touchdowns on 35 yards. The Houston Texans forced four interceptions, two from Marcus Mariota and two from Matt Cassel on their way to a dominant win at home against a playoff hopeful.

Philadelphia Eagles 26 - Los Angeles Chargers 24

Dating back to last season, the Chargers have lost nine straight games, so I think it is safe to say that at this point, a move to Los Angeles has not motivated the team to perform any better. Philip Rivers tried his best to carry the team to victory, tossing for 347 yards and two touchdowns, and two receivers had over 100 yards for the Chargers, Keenan Allen and Tyrel Williams. The Problem was that the Chargers ran into the Eagles on the day LeGarrette Blount decided to break out and rush for 136 yards, which added a new option to the offense that the Eagles had been missing all year. Carson Wentz had a decent game, tossing for 242 yards and a touchdown, and was backed by kicker Jake Elliott, who kicked four field goals.

New York Giants 23 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 25

The Giants are bad at football. They are 0-4, have no chance to make the playoffs this year, and I honestly think they need a new quarterback, and they might as well just tank in order to get a high draft pick and try and land a top-tier running back. Eli Manning threw for 288 yards and two touchdowns, while Jameis Winston threw 332 yards and three touchdowns. The Buccaneers benefitted from a decent performance from Jacquizz Rodgers, but I think the team will be even better in the coming weeks because they will be getting Doug Martin back from suspension, and with all the rest he had he should be able to carry quite a load on offense, and open up the passing game even more for Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson.

Oakland Raiders 10 - Denver Broncos 16

The Raiders looked bad, and to make matters worse, they lost Derek Carr for at least two weeks with a fracture in his back. I think that the Raiders situation is dire, as their top two wide receivers have been terrible for the last two weeks, and their backup quarterback, EJ Manuel, is not great. The Broncos had a good game on defense, holding the Raiders to 10 points, but I think they have to do something about their offense in order to stand a chance against the Chiefs in the AFC West. Trevor Siemian is not the long term answer at quarterback, and I think that they need to do something to upgrade the position to take advantage of the great weapons the team has on offense.

Seattle Seahawks 46 - Indianapolis Colts 18

The Seahawks finally had the dominant performance I was waiting for, unfortunately it was against the lowly Colts. Russell Wilson threw for 295 yards and two touchdowns, and did so in impressive fashion, completing passes to eight different receivers. He also scored a touchdown on the ground. Eddie Lacy played this week and wasn’t great, but his impact was felt because the receivers were freed up by his presence. He ran for 52 yards. The Colts are going to keep losing all their games until they get Andrew Luck back, and when he does come back, I think they should try to flip Brisset for some assets on defense, there are plenty of teams out there looking for a potential franchise quarterback, like Denver, and I think they would be willing to give up a nice package to land a former Patriots quarterback who learned under Tom Brady.

Washington Redskins 20 - Kansas City Chiefs 29

The Chiefs are really something special this year. Alex Smith is playing like an MVP, and the roster is stacked with talent. They have truly surprised me with how they have been playing to this point, Kareem Hunt has been running the ball in a way that is legendary and only been seen three other times in history. I have a hard time seeing how a team can stop them right now, as they have been able to beat the Patriots, which would be the only team I can give a shot to beat them. I think if they continue to play like this, they will find themselves in the AFC Championship game or even with a big trophy at the end of the Year. The Redskins had a pretty good game, but the Chiefs just overwhelmed them. Kirk Cousins threw for 220 yards and two touchdowns, and Terrelle Pryor Sr. caught his first touchdown of the year for Washington. I am so excited to see Kirk Cousins in a 49ers uniform next year, he is too good to not test the open market and see how much money a team like San Francisco is willing to throw at him.