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Sportzball: Season 1

Warriors win Tenth Straight Game, Beat Grizzlies 97-84

After beating the Los Angeles Lakers in overtime for the second time this season, the Golden State Warriors (24-6) traveled back home to the bay to take on the Memphis Grizzlies (9-21). The Warriors would again be without approximately half of the roster, but they showed that they can still win when they are heavily depleted and shoot poorly on Monday night. The Grizzlies would be looking to pick up their tenth win, and they have gotten off to a very rough start to their season. The Warriors were looking to pick up their tenth straight win. The Warriors went on to win the game 97-84.

In the first quarter, the Warriors played really sloppily and committed seven turnovers, which is the only way that Memphis can consistently score. The Warriors were led by Klay Thompson who had 10 points, and Kevin Durant was close behind with 8 points. The Warriors played good defense throughout the quarter, but they were unable to grab rebounds and also allowed the Grizzlies to score in transition off of their turnovers. The Grizzlies were led by Ben McLemore with eight points, and he went 2-2 from beyond the arc. The Warriors shot the ball well when they had the opportunity to shoot, at 60% from the field and 1-3 from beyond the arc. The Grizzlies shot 41% but went 6-10 from three, which is why they were ahead at the end of the quarter. After the first quarter, the Grizzlies led 28-24.

In the second quarter, Klay Thompson exploded for 17 points to bring his total to 27 points. He only missed two shots in the half, Kevin Durant was close behind Klay with 15 points, many of which came off of assists from Klay. Omri Casspi continued his hot streak and continued to play with a ton of confidence and ended the half with eight points. As a team, the Warriors continued to shoot the lights out at 56.8%, but struggled from beyond the arc at 36.4%. The Grizzlies shooting remained the same, and Marc Gasol hit a couple big shots to keep them in the game as the quarter came to a close. He led the team with 14 points. The Warriors did a much better job at holding onto the ball this quarter and only turned the ball over twice. At the half, the Warriors led 56-51.

Neither team shot the ball well in the third quarter, but the Warriors were still able to add to their lead. Klay continued to lead the Warriors with 29 points, and KD was the next highest scorer with 16 points. The teams’ shooting percentage fell below 50%, and at the end of the quarter it was 49.1% from the field and 33.3% from deep. The Warriors turned the ball over four times in the quarter, but that was offset because the Grizzlies also were very sloppy and couldn’t score. The Grizzlies shooting percentage tanked to 36.8% overall and 40.9% from three. Marc Gasol was still their leading scorer with 14 points. The Warriors held the Grizzlies to 3-14 shooting in the third quarter, and that is why they were able to build their lead. The Warriors led after the third, 74-65.

In the fourth quarter, it was more poor shooting for both teams, but the Warriors were still about to build their lead just like in the third quarter. Kevin Durant hit several big shots and ended the game with 22 points, six of which came in the fourth quarter. Klay Thompson still led the Warriors in scoring with 29 points, but didn't score in the fourth quarter, and also picked up a random technical foul, which I thought was hilarious. Omri Casspi was the only other Warrior with double digit scoring, and he finished with 12 points, and played very well on both ends. The Warriors shooting percentage continued to plummet and finished at 45%, and the same happened to the Grizzlies, who finished at 33%. Marc Gasol picked up some points in garbage time and was the leading scorer for the Grizzlies with 21 points. The Warriors won the game 97-84, and stretched their winning streak to 10 games.  

I thought that the Warriors didn’t play very well all game, and their numbers in the first half were deceptive because of how well Klay Thompson played. I think that these games are important, and help the bench get big minutes and a more defined role, but these games are just not as fun without Steph and Draymond. Steph takes the offense to a whole different level that no other player can, and it’s incredible to watch, and it has spoiled us Warriors fans.

I don’t really have anything to take away from this game. They should beat the Grizzlies, they are a bad team without a great head coach, and they are missing one of their best players in Mike Conley. I would like to see Quinn Cook throw up more shots when he is in these games. He scores like crazy in the D-league and when he plays with guys like KD and Klay he defers too much. I would like to see him take over a game and establish himself as a go-to guy who could have a big impact with the second unit. I am also still thoroughly impressed by how well David West continues to play this year. At age 37 he is still able to bust up any player in the league and can seemingly make a shot from anywhere, it's incredible.

With this win, the Warriors stretched their winning streak to 10 games, and joined a very small group of teams that has had a 10 game winning streak in five consecutive seasons. They are still undefeated when Jim Barnett wears JaVale McGee’s gold chain.

I really miss Stephen Curry. 

The Warriors play next on Friday, December 22, at home against the Los Angeles Lakers at 7:30 p.m.