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LeBron, Kyrie, Stephen Curry, and a Brief History of Pettiness

At this point, it has become very apparent that there is no hope for Kyrie and Cleveland to patch things up. He is burning bridges by the minute. He has taken shots at LeBron James on Snapchat, and now he was seen laughing at Stephen Curry’s mocking of LeBron at a Wedding, and he is doing this all before he has been traded.

Cavalier fans are upset with Kyrie Irving, which I understand. They are already burning jerseys, something I will never understand. I mean, he hit arguably the biggest shot in NBA Finals history to win the city of Cleveland its’ first championship since 1964, be thankful for the time you had with him and cheer for him in his future endeavors.

Now I understand the frustration with Kyrie, but the Cavalier fans are arguably even more upset that Stephen Curry was mocking LeBron. I understand that he is your hero, and he can do no wrong, but he was being far more petty than Curry was over the course of the last year.

Let’s run through some of the things LeBron did to mock the Warriors since he won the title. When he stepped off of the plane in Cleveland after game seven, he wore a t-shirt with “Ultimate Warrior” written on it, which is obviously a shot at Golden State. He also threw a Halloween Party, which included some of the most petty things LeBron has ever done. The party's theme was “3-1 Lead”, which had become the most hurtful thing you could say to a Warrior’s fan after the 2016 NBA Finals. To get into this party, you had to step over a dummy on the ground, which was dressed at Warriors star Stephen Curry. Lastly, for dessert, he had tombstone cookies, which had “Stephen Curry 2015-2016” and “Klay Thompson 2015-2016” written on them.

LeBron is the most petty player in the entire NBA, Stephen Curry is just returning the favor after all of the stuff he had to put up with throughout the year.

I understand Cavalier fans being upset with Kyrie, dancing with the enemy while he is still on the team, but they need to lay off of Steph and the rest of the Warriors. They thought all of the 3-1 lead jokes, and other forms of mockery were hilarious, they nearly broke their phones by typing the “😂” so much.

Kyrie is as good as gone, and I do not blame him for wanting out one bit.