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Stop Disrespecting Stephen Curry

I am not sure how people can still argue that Stephen Curry is not a top 10 player in the NBA. Curry is a two-time league MVP, and one of those times he was voted the MVP unanimously (a feat which had never been accomplished before). He is also a two-time NBA champion, four-time all star, and a scoring champion. Oh, and he is also 10th on the all-time three-pointer list. He has done all of this before the age of 30, which is incredible.

Regardless of how excellent Curry has played throughout the last few years, people still love to take shots at him and try to disrespect him. The most recent example of such came from Dahntay Jones. Jones is a player on the Cleveland Cavaliers, and I am using the word “player” very loosely here, as he only plays during the closing minutes of blowout games, and essentially serves as a cheerleader on the end of the Cavs bench. While on the Mickstape Podcast, Jones said that he does not think Curry is a top-10 player in today’s NBA. His top ten included Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, John Wall, Paul George, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Karl-Anthony Towns, Jimmy Butler and Anthony Davis.

Frankly, that is absurd. There are 7 players on that list who have never won an MVP award in the NBA. There are another 7 players on that list who have never won an NBA title. Curry has done both of those things twice, which should automatically put him in the top 5 players on that list.

Curry should be put even higher on that list because of his role in jumpstarting the three-point revolution in the NBA. Curry is the only player in NBA history to make more than 300 three-pointers in a single season, and he has done that twice, including one season in which he made 402 of them. In fact, Steph has led the league in three-pointers made every year since the 2012-13 season. He is universally recognized as the greatest shooter the NBA has ever seen.

Now the argument could be made that Stephen Curry is the best player in the NBA today, or at least in the top-3, alongside LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Curry has almost singlehandedly revolutionized the way basketball is played. He forces opponents to guard him from the second he crosses the half court line. He has changed the way kids play the game of basketball. Kids have gone from trying to drive down the lane like LeBron, Durant, and Russell Westbrook, to shooting three’s like Stephen Curry.

Curry is not only arguably the best player in the NBA, he is easily the most important player in the NBA. Curry’s impact on the game of basketball is remarkable. Not only has he revolutionized the three-point shot, he also stands as a large inspiration for kids across the world. He is the most relatable of any NBA star. Children look at Curry, and see a small guy who can be just as dominant as any other player, thanks to his ability to shoot, and this drives kids to try and play the game of basketball like Curry.

People need to stop disrespecting Stephen Curry. He is easily the greatest shooter of all time, is at the forefront of the NBA’s three-point revolution, and is one of the biggest attractions for fans all across the world.