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Pablo Sandoval: Giant Again

Like many Giants fans during the 2014, I sat around anxiously waiting to find out whether or not Pablo Sandoval would remain with the Giants or if he would sign with another team. Pablo had just hit .279 with 16 HRs and 73 RBI’s during the regular season, and .356 during the postseason. He was a fan favorite and one of the few players who was on each of the team’s three world series rosters.

Eventually, Pablo would go on to sign a 5-year deal with the Boston Red Sox for $95 million, even though the Giants had offered him more money. On his way out, Sandoval made some statements that rubbed many Giants fans and players the wrong way, particularly when he said that the only people he would miss were Bruce Bochy and Hunter Pence.

During his first tenure with the team, Pablo provided fans with many incredible memories, panda hats, and three World Series championships. He had earned the right to move to another team and do what he felt was best to help his career. Unfortunately, his time in Boston did not go as anyone expected. He hit .237 in 161 games over the course of 3 seasons, and found himself released in the middle of the 2017 season.

Now, on August 5th, Pablo Sandoval made his return to the San Francisco Giants. He went 1-3 with a double and a run. His double kicked off a rally in the 7th inning that allowed the giants to score their first 3 runs of the game. His other two at-bats were both groundouts to second base, but he made good, hard contact in two out of his three at-bats. The Giants would go on to win the game 5-4 in extra innings.

Pablo Sandoval was a key piece in all three of the Giants’ championship runs, and I am happy to see him wear orange and black once again. He may not be the player he used to be, but he now has the opportunity to revive his career where it all began for him.

Now, if the Giants are planning on bringing any other players back for another ride with the team, CAN IT PLEASE BE TIM LINCECUM? PLEASE?