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Are the Giants Going to Lose 100 Games? + A Look to the Offseason

The Giants have been been historically bad this season, which has been extra shocking because we were supposed to contend for a title this season. Madison Bumgarner fell off a dirt bike, Mark Melancon has been injured, Brandon Crawford has been having a down year, and left field continues to be a revolving door of mediocrity. Now, the real question that fans have been asking is, will the 2017 Giants be the second team in franchise history to lose 100 games?

Yeah, we’re going to lose 100 games, but sometimes there are benefits to being terrible.

For instance, the Giants are going to get the number one overall pick in the draft next season, which will help them add some top level talent to their minor league system which is one of the worst in all of baseball. The front office also has a good track record of getting solid players with high draft picks (i.e Madison Bumgarner, Buster Posey, Tim Lincecum). Most importantly, I think that this dreadful season will force Bobby Evans to finally address the issues on this team that he ignored last offseason.

The team absolutely needs a left fielder, and has needed one for several years now. It has become glaringly obvious over the course of this season that Jarrett Parker and Co. have not done an effective job. Parker has shown upside, but overall has just not hit well enough and has an OBP below .300. Mac Williamson was supposed to platoon with Parker but he has shown that he is a classic AAAA player, which means that he has shown flashes of ability down in the minors, but hasn’t been able to perform on a consistent basis in the Major Leagues.

Now, me personally, I would LOVE if the Giants had a left fielder who could hit .300 and hit 30+ home runs and have over 100 RBI’s, but I don’t think that's going to happen. I really wanted the team to try and snag JD Martinez from the Tigers at the deadline, which would have been great, especially because Bobby Evans “wanted” to trade for him every deadline for three straight seasons, but he's been insane in the second half so there is no way the team can afford him. The team could try and sign Justin Upton, if he opts out of his contract from the Angels, but he has openly said that he doesn’t like hitting at AT&T park.

There are rumors that the Giants could try and trade for Giancarlo Stanton, which would be incredible, but the odds are that this would mostly be a salary dump for the Marlins, meaning that the Giants would be committing to being in the luxury tax for the rest of time. Personally, I am all for it, in theory, because we haven’t had a great, power hitting outfielder since Barry Bonds, and it would quell all my doubts about the 2018 season. My biggest problem about the potential trade is that it will handcuff the Giants financially, which could potentially lead to the Giants losing Madison Bumgarner in a couple seasons.

Who am I kidding though? The Giants are going to sign a mediocre left fielder like they always do, and platoon him with a player like Jarrett Parker, and I am still not going to like Bobby Evans.

Hopefully Shohei Otani wants to come out to the Bay and solves all our problems.


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