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Sportzball: Season 1

Philadelphia Eagles Dominate the Minnesota Vikings, advance to Super Bowl

In Sunday’s second most exciting game, the Philadelphia Eagles took on the Minnesota Vikings at home for a chance to go to the Super Bowl. Now, I predicted that the Minnesota would win the game, riding on the momentum that they had from their win over the Saints, dubbed “The Minneapolis Miracle.” I thought that Case Keenum would do a much better job at utilizing his weapons than Nick Foles would, and that the Vikings would have a chance to be the first team to win the Super Bowl in their home stadium.

Could I have been more wrong?

This game was not close. The Vikings got on the board first thanks to an absolute dime from Case Keenum to Kyle Rudolph. The Vikings defense shut down the Eagles offense on the first drive, but then, everything changed. Case Keenum threw a pick to Patrick Robinson on the next drive, which he took to the house for a touchdown, and from then on, the Eagles were in complete control.

Truth be told, I stopped watching the game at halftime because it had become abundantly clear that the Eagles were going to win in a blowout, and I lost interest. The Philadelphia Eagles completely dominated the Minnesota Vikings, and it made me ashamed that I predicted that the Vikings would win. The player who impressed me most on the Eagles, was Nick Foles. Going into this game, I had absolutely zero confidence in Foles and thought he would give the ball away several times. I was wrong, and he was incredible. He went 26-33 with 352 yards and three touchdowns, and was perfect in the second half. In the second half, he went 11-11 with 159 yards and two touchdowns. He joined the great Joe Montana as the only players to have over a 75% completion percentage in back to back playoff games.

As good as Foles was, and he deserves a ton of credit, the Vikings defense was just as bad. The Vikings were the best defense in the NFL this season, especially on third down, where they allowed an average of three third down conversions per game. Against the Eagles, they just couldn’t stop them on third down, allowing them to convert more times than they didn’t. Not only were they converting on third down, but they were also just making stellar plays. Nick Foles unleashed a deep pass to Alshon Jeffery on third down for a touchdown, as well as finding him for another touchdown later in the game on another third down. He also connected with Torrey Smith on an incredible flea-flicker touchdown. His performance was incredible, and it gives me a lot of confidence for how this team will play against New England.

All in all, the Vikings just looked like their magic had run out after their last game. Their defense became incapable of making a stop, and the Eagles were just incredible. Nick Foles forgot that it is 2018, and rolled out of bed and made it look like 2013 again. He was able to maximize his weapons in a way that I didn’t think he was capable of doing anymore. Case Keenum just couldn’t get anything going, and even if he did, his defense wasn’t able to stop the Eagles offense. Keenum finished the game with 271 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions on 28-48 passing. It was a shame, because I think that this game will end up costing him a lot of money on the market this offseason. I think that in the end this loss might end up being a good thing for the Vikings, because as good as Case Keenum was this year, I don’t think he is a franchise quarterback. If they made it to the Super Bowl, or won't, they would be stuck with him for the next four to five years, but now they have the chance to go out and grab a guy like Kirk Cousins in free agency to try and bring the whole offense together. I said the same thing about Jacksonville, in that their loss will end up driving them to get a better quarterback and put them in an even better spot next year. Now, I think Case Keenum is a better quarterback than Blake Bortles, but I think that the Vikings would be better off with a proven started, whereas Keenum is a very high level backup.

The Eagles were simply incredible, and their fans were electric, and now they are headed to the Super Bowl to face the New England Patriots. I would be really excited for this game if Carson Wentz was still the quarterback so it would be a Brady v. Wentz matchup, but this game should still be incredibly exciting based on how Philly was able to play this last weekend. I am also excited to see how the fans would react to a Super Bowl win, and to see if the Philadelphia police try and lube up all the poles in the city of Philadelphia again.